The Highest Level of Privacy Protection

MAGEN provides an unprecedented kind of privacy protection service - we STOP the general public from gathering your private information.

PII Removal

We’ll remove your personal information or opt your profile out of public information databrokers and websites.

Data Removal

We make sure your private information can't be accessed and stays off the internet.

Name Obfuscation

How high do you want to take your privacy level to? We have the technology, subject-matter experts, and attorneys to take you there.

Prevent Re-identification

Unconnecting the dots - one by one. With MAGEN, we can protect you by anonymizing your name.


There's cyber security companies and then there is MAGEN. We offer one-of-a-kind service that can deliver your anonymity and ultimate privacy.

The Ultimate Privacy Protection

Be Unsearchable

Coveted by those in the know.

Your privacy shouldn't wait any longer.



MAGEN is a unique provider so it does draw lot of questions from our future clients. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

Do I need a privacy protection?
Privacy protection is having control of your information and keeping it from the hands of companies, hackers, government organizations, and other groups.
With our service, no one will be able to find your personal information by searching the internet. Nor will anyone find any publicly available facts that could lead to the exposure of your home address.
We are not a cyber security (digital executive protection) company. MAGEN is in a category of its own - it not only finds and removes your private information, it detects all the breadcrumbs left on the internet that trace people to you. MAGEN’s sophisticated search algorithm keeps you completely unsearchable, invisible, and undetectable.
Executives, board members, public figures, high-profile individuals, and families who want to achieve and preserve the highest level of privacy.
When researching MAGEN, you may notice that there aren't any reviews. In fact, our web presence can't be found anywhere, we don't have social media, and we never publicly disclose our existence. This is on purpose. We hate attention as much as you do.